Our Solution


Our Trainers (we call them Perivoli Trainers) run 16 Module training courses for up to 25 nursery school teachers at a time over a two year period.

In between times they run support groups and visit the teachers regularly.

Once a nursery school teacher has completed all 16 training Modules, they are awarded a Perivoli Certificate at a community ceremony. This is often the only formal mark of recognition that a teacher will have ever received.

The Perivoli Trainers are organised into groups of five or six and overseen by a Regional Co-ordinator who is overseen by a Country Director.

Class visits

Perivoli Trainers visit the classes of the teachers they are training in order to assess progress and assist with implementation.

Visits take place monthly in the first year, two monthly in the second year and termly thereafter – on an indefinite basis.


Many of the schools do not have access to running water. We show the teachers why hygiene is important and how they can create their own hand washing facility with a “tippy tappy”.


As many parents don’t appreciate why play is vital for childhood development, we provide the nursery school teachers with 6 Parent Modules to use with the parents of the children in their classroom.

A parent that completes the six sessions is awarded a Perivoli Parent Certificate.