We aim to track all the children that have attended a nursery school run by a Perivoli-trained teacher through their first four years of primary school education in order to see if we have added any value.

We have permission from the Ministry of Education in Namibia to ask the relevant Primary School Heads to complete a simple questionnaire on whether a child is still in school; or has been asked to repeat a year; and whether the child is above or below average academically or socially. As this is a subjective assessment we hope also to be granted in time access to their exam results at Grade 4 to assess progress more scientifically.


We have developed a well-organised system of data capture run by the Perivoli Trainers which takes place at Module delivery sessions and at each class visit. Data on the schools, the teachers and the children is uploaded after each interaction to a central database using hand held tablets with which the Perivoli Trainers have been equipped.

We use the data to assess our impact and more broadly to build up a picture over time of the nursery school space and the journeys that the children follow through education.