Our Goal

Our (not unambitious) goal is to transform the prospects of sub-Saharan Africa in a generation – by showing nursery school teachers the power of play, how to organise their classrooms and how to make educational games out of recyclable material.

The challenges that Africa faces – poor governance, lack of investment, abuse of resources – can be attributed in part to weaknesses in education. With better education people would choose better leaders, attract more investment and husband resources more wisely.

One of the reasons that education has struggled, in our view, is that children don’t have their brains “turned on” adequately in their formative first seven years. That’s because nursery school teachers are invariably untrained and under-resourced.

Our programme addresses this at very low cost (about USD 3 per child per year); is highly scaleable; and seems to work.

The training courses we provide run over two years. We undertake monthly class room visits throughout the programme and then, at a reduced level, indefinitely.

The teachers welcome our involvement because it doesn’t cost them anything, unlocks their creativity, makes them feel valued and value-adding; and clearly benefits the children.

Our Progress

We collect and process substantial amounts of data on the nursery schools and on the journeys of the children over the medium term – so as to measure our impact as well as to provide insights into what is really happening in this highly fragmented, unsupervised but vitally important space.

We have reached 5,500 nursery school teachers in the past five years which equates to about 150,000 children. Our aim is to reach the 120,000 nursery school teachers that we calculate exist across the four countries we target. This would equate to about 3.5 million children.

Our success will depend on the success or otherwise of our sister initiative Perivoli Innovations which invests in early stage life science, medical, digital and other new technologies, the profits from which it is hoped will fund the nursery school teacher training programme long term.


Our programme began in Namibia in 2013 where we now have 80 Perivoli Trainers; expanded to Malawi in 2016 and to Zambia in 2019. We plan to take it to other countries in sub-Saharan Africa over time.

The meerkat faces on the map show where our regional co-ordinators are located.

Cumulative Reach

Note: From 2013 to 2018 we awarded two certificates (for Modules 1-8 and for Modules 9-16). From 2019 we have combined the two certificates into one, awarded to teachers who complete all 16 Modules, which we call a ‘Perivoli Certificate’.